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Example 1
Kid's Birthday Party on a Thursday afternoon.  Parents are paying for everything.  There are 7 people.

Base Rate $50
5 Kids and 2 adults $35
Your Cost $85

     Our play area is available for use free of charge for most occasions.  However, if you want to organize a more personalize experience or event and need Anime Kat staff to help, we’re here to help you with your next nerdy themed event.  We offer different packages depending on your wants and needs.  We have an Occupancy Rating of over 100 people and have on premise arrangements for seating for 55 individuals.  Multiple facility resources are available as well as organized activities for your event.  Contact us and tell us your needs.  All of our rates are base price before tax.  Payments can be arranged in multiple ways.  Rates may change up or down depending upon circumstances and additional staffing needed.  All rates will be agreed upon prior to the event.

Base Rates (Includes 30 minutes setup and 30 minutes cleanup with an additional 3 hours for the event itself)
     $100 – Closed Event, Closed Store.  Your event is not open to the general public, and the store is closed.    
     $50 – Closed Event, Store Open.  Your event is not open to the general public; however, the store is still open.
     $30 – Open Event, Store Open.  Your event is open to the general public, and the store is open.

Per Person Rate (in addition to the Base Rate)
     $5 – per person

Additional Hours (added to the Base Rate)
     $10 – per hour after 3 hours
     +$15 – per hour for any hours during Closed Business Hours

 Possible Ideas

     There are multiple options for you event.  You can simply rent the space and do everything yourself such as with a birthday party.  You can have us organize an event for you and charge the players directly.  You can organize your own event and earn money.

Example 3
Custom organized game event not open to the public during closed hours.  The event is 3 hours long.  YOU want to make a profit.  There are 20 players.

Base Rate $100
After Hours $45
20 Players $100
Your Cost $245


$15 Entry Fee Set by YOU

$15 x 20 players = $300

$300 - $245 (event cost) = $55 profit for you

Example 2
Custom organized game event open to the public.  Players are responsible for their entry fees, but you don't know how many there will be.  The event lasts 4 hours.

Base Rate $30
Added Hours $10
Your Cost $40

Players pay Anime Kat directly $5 each

Event Hosting