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Learn to play Magic: the Gathering by Joining our Magic Club and receive free stuff.  The club is for new players ages 15 and younger.  If you’ve never played before, we’ll give you a short lesson (about 30 minutes), a free beginner’s deck, and a Magic Club flyer.  After your lesson and once you feel comfortable, come to any three of our Magic events (check our Events Schedule for upcoming events).  At the events, have the bottom of the Magic Club flyer initialed by an employee.  When your sheet is filled out, return it to us, and we’ll give you an Anime Kat Beginner’s Magic Club gift box.

In the box you get:
Roughly 200 random Commons & Uncommons!
80 count Pack of Basic Land!
1 Rare card, 1 Foil card, & 1 Promotional Card!
A box to hold up to 400 cards!

Do you already play?
Get a friend to join the club, and when your friend receives their gift box you will receive a free booster pack.

Beginner's Magic Club